Essential Kiwi Translation:

Wop Wops | Middle of nowhere

This can also be used when referring to the New Zealand countryside.  the wop-wops are often teamed with the phrase, tiki-tour, which refers to taking the “long way round” or just getting completely and utterly lost – Matador Network


An intriguing and little known fact regarding New Zealand is that with a population of just over 4 million and the average 2.1 million overseas departures per year, over 50% of the country travels internationally. As a proportion, this makes the kiwi market one of the highest rates of travel in the world. With a penchant for trying new things and seeking value due to a relatively low dollar, this makes them an interesting test case for many destinations marketing in the region for the first time.
There was a small annual increase in overseas trips by New Zealand residents in the April 2016 year (2.160 million), up 2 percent.



  • A highly vertical market structure with 6 – 7 major players
  • Very fluid with acquisitions and takeovers including more trans-tasman and global relationships, however still very strong local networks and contacts need to be maintained.
  • Wholesale travel includes many of the large global players
  • Many OTA region management offices have based themselves in Auckland in recent years
  • Approximately 900 travel agencies with 4000 agents nationally

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